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I love making stories, drawing, reading, watching anime, playing video games, and watching Disney movies.

Aqua(Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)- Complete
Axel(Kingdom Hearts)- Half done.
Sora(Kingdom Hearts)- incomplete (I won't complete it till next year)
Vexen(Kingdom Hearts)- Half done
Maka(Soul Eater)- Complete, though thrown together....
Maka( Spartoi)-complete!
Haruhi Fujioka(Ouran High School Host Club)- Sweater outfit done, Uniform done, though I might make one that matches my group...also have a vest outfit and a pink dress outfit... I spoil this one.
Meiko(vocaloid)-Complete. I also have a matryoshka outfit for her!
White/Touko(Pokemon White/Black)-Complete, but I want to get hair extensions for it... :/

Future Cosplays:
Maka, Formal(Soul Eater)
Sophie Hatter(Howl's Moving Castle)
Aerith(Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)
Nagisa Furakawa(Clannad)
Oliver(Vocaloid, Engloid :D)
Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, but more manga oriented than anime.
Chibi Hungary(Hetalia)

Current Residence: Radiant Gardens
Favourite genre of music: Classical and Broadway
Favourite style of art: Manga/anime
Favourite cartoon character: Axel, Aqua, Maka Albarn, Haruhi Fujioka
Personal Quote: I love Axel. Got it Memorized?

Mothy rants

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 11:39 AM
  • Mood: Dead
  • Listening to: Matryoshka
  • Watching: My iPad screen
  • Playing: On my iPad
So I think I love Meta. I think I want to cosplay as her. I need an Eve though.

Just.... She deserves the mother of the year award. And hugs. She needs hugs. Her life sucked. So hugs, particularly from her reincarnated science babies. And she needs to slap Eve. Hard. In the face. Because any character portrayed by Meiko should not have to put up with her shenanigans.
And her romance with what's his face is tragic. She was dumb for falling for a murderer, and the stupid villagers were only too eager to accuse her of a similar crime. And witchery. If Meta was a witch, she would have done things to Eve. Terrible things. Things she deserved.

Seriously, what kind of crazy woman kills her own children, blames a random woman, then steals that very same woman's own precious babies? And what the hell was she doing in the Eldoh forest late at night in the first place? If anyone is a witch, it is Eve. I demand an explanation, mothy. I'm sure true mothy fans know all this crap, but I don't. Does Eve have some creepy grudge against artificial humans or something? That wouldn't make sense, because the babies she took were the same way.... And she wouldn't know that. But apparently her own children weren't good enough. Huh. And then she goes through all this crap to steal Meta's cute little fruits, but dumps them in the very same forest. Gee, talk about fickle minds. She can't go through with anything to the end. Stupid. Eve. She gets the worst mother ever award.

I'm not even thinking about the rest of the story anymore because all this crap is bugging me so much. And I made myself sad when I thought about what Meta was doing when her babies were taken. She must have been preparing that bottle for them. Such a good mama! She probably couldn't even feed herself, since she must have avoided being seen in public, and I doubt she had any money. But she had a bottle for her precious babies. And then Eve. Just. Eve. I want to smack her. What makes it worse is when the twins find the bottle later on... GAH. ALL OF MY MOTHY FEELS. And then they call EVE the witch and burn her and just YES. I don't care if all the sins went all crazy after that. Because EVE DIED. HAH. And then reincarnations and yaddayaddayadda.


Oh, and just for funsies, how the heck did Meta run so much without being caught when she was wearing that poofy(and sexy) dress? That beastly bear of a fugitive<3

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